International Platform for Peace

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The verdict is in! The State of the Union Speech delivered on January 12, 2016 by President Barack Obama said it all. He stated that the citizens of America are America's backbone, and that it is up to the citizen's who want peace, and America's continued greatness to continue their stride.

THERE IS A SEAT AT THE TABLE for Humanitarian Leaders who desire peace and security around the globe, and who have innovative and humane ideas that can be implemented in conjunction with current U.S. policies, and the political agenda of global nations. 

Platform Cabinet Seats such as General Secretary, Secretary of Peace, Directorate for Cultural Heritage, Public Policies and Strategies Coordinator, Communications and Public Relations Advisor, Legislative and Parliament and other opportunities are staffed by those and those to join us, who live for the sake of others, and who live their lives in behalf or principles that define the dignity and worth of the humane race.

FOR MORE INFORMATION OR CONSIDERATION, please forward a current bio and three current references to You can also attend our upcoming scheduled meetings to hear 2017-2018 missions, events and  strategies for accomplishing peace related goals and missions. PLEASE REVIEW THE 2017 CALENDAR OF EVENTS under the events section of this site.

This program is instituted by the Global March for Peace, Faith and Family; the Washington D.C. Coalition for International Peace Division; and the 30,000 global citizens that marched around the world January  2016, and March 2017, in support of peace!